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Electric forklift with maximum performance.

Think big. Go bigger.

The new EFG series 6 with a maximum load capacity of 9 tonnes.

This new fully electric series makes unmanageable tasks a thing of the past. The EFG series 6 combines plenty of power with a huge load capacity. The ability to handle loads of up to 9 tonnes sets a new standard among the high-performance electric forklifts from Jungheinrich.
All feature the utmost efficiency and power. The synchronous reluctance motor always delivers the highest performance, and the heavy-duty hydraulic block can also accommodate very heavy attachments. As a result, the EFG series 6 is ideal for the toughest jobs, both indoors and outdoors.
A variety of convenient improvements also makes the new EFG not just more efficient, but also safer. Its highly ergonomic design and many intelligent assistance systems will be sure to make it a favourite among forklift operators. And of course, the new EFG series 6 is also available with high-performance lithium-ion technology.

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Electric power for all kinds of terrains.

What makes the new EFG series 6 special – in addition to boasting a maximum load of 9 tonnes and a top-level configuration – is its ability to operate under extreme conditions. Thanks to a number of configuration options like a fully enclosed cabin, air-conditioning, sturdy tyres and customised Jungheinrich protection packages, it’s fully equipped for tough outdoor activities while also ensuring the best possible operator comfort at all times. It will handle even the most challenging terrain with ease.

Content EFG6 Picture-Text-Combination 1 Efficient energy concepts for highest performance.

With its PureEnergy concept, the new EFG series 6 delivers maximum performance with minimum consumption. This also includes battery options tailored to every need – with a choice of lead-acid or high-performance lithium-ion batteries. The many additional intelligent assistance systems like tiltCONTROL and liftCONTROL also get you to your goal safely and efficiently, every time.

Content EFG6 Picture-Text-Combination 2 The cockpit of the future.

The interior configuration is fully ergonomic and can be customised to suit individual operator needs. The optional comfort seat, which can be adjusted by 70 mm in either direction, makes day-to-day work activities considerably easier. As a result, the operator has a perfect view at all times, despite the considerable size of the EFG. The cockpit also provides substantial leg room, an ergonomically designed cockpit and easy-to-read, state-of-the-art screens. And then there’s the high seating position and effortless panoramic roof – ideal for ensuring a clear all-around view.

Content EFG6 Picture-Text-Combination 3 Innovation for improved safety.

Safety is also a priority for the new EFG series 6: addedVIEW brings a 360° view from four cameras directly to the operator’s screen. This means that you can work in a very confined space with even greater safety. Intelligent assistance systems from Jungheinrich help thus increasing the safety in your warehouse.

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