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Warehouse equipment and forklift hire purchase.

Whether you want to update your fleet of forklifts and material handling equipment or flexibly expand your racking systems: You'll have it easy with a forklift hire purchase from Jungheinrich.

Constant monthly rates and an individual term offer high planning security and protect your equity capital and the credit line at your bank at the same time. Benefit from many years of experience and market expertise – find out everything you need to know about our Jungheinrich forklift hire purchase.

Your advantages of financing:

  • No commitment of equity capital.
  • Protection of credit lines with your house bank.
  • Fixed-rate guarantee.
  • Utilization of government grants possible.
  • Amortisation and interest can be claimed for tax purposes.
  • Uncomplicated processing due to manufacturer financing via JFS.

The easy way to ownership.

Use it, own it. Jungheinrich Financial Services is your reliable partner throughout the entire life cycle of your Jungheinrich products. With our forklift hire purchase, we offer you individual solutions for material-handling equipment and warehousing technology. To advise you best, we always take your budget into account as well as the special requirements of your business.

The most important thing about buying a forklift or racking system in instalments: It's a smart move to use your Jungheinrich product immediately but finance it over a longer, individually defined period of time – because you don't have to raise the necessary capital all at once. You pay exactly the amount your budget allows each month. Once the last rate has been paid, the forklift or racking system is 100% yours.

Jungheinrich forklift hire purchase includes the following financing options for the instalment purchase of your forklift truck or shelving system:

Used forklifts as instalment purchase: Our JUNGSTARS.

When purchasing new industrial trucks, you should also consider our Jungheinrich used trucks: These JUNGSTARS are professionally refurbished by us to the highest quality standards and are as good as new! You can also finance these forklifts by instalment payment or lease purchase at Jungheinrich – take a look at our attractive offers.

You want to know more about our forklift hire purchase?

We will be happy to inform you about the great options of our Jungheinrich forklift hire purchase. Simply use our contact form or call us on our free service hotline.

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